Sport and Recreation in Morawa

Morawa is fortunate to have a range of sporting and leisure facilities that offer residents and visitors a social environment to enjoy a range of sporting pursuits. Sport and recreation is an important part of the Morawa community and as such the Morawa Shire is committed to the continual improvement of its recreational facilities. The Shire aims to provide opportunities to help achieve its goal in creating a community that is friendly, healthy and inclusive.

Currently, the Shire of Morawa is undertaking a major redevelopment of the Morawa Swimming Pool including painting, tiling and the installation of a new filtration system to bring the facility in line with current health and safety standards

The upgraded pool facility will be reopened the 3rd week of October for community use

The Shire of Morawa in conjunction with surrounding local governments have a club Development Officer to assist in the development of sporting activities in the Shire and region. Ms Laura Stanley can be contacted on 0407 037 153 if you have any ideas for sporting and recreational activity in the Shire.


Morawa Badminton Club

Play badminton with the ladies on a Tuesday morning or mixed badminton on Friday evenings.

Morawa Badminton Club
President Yvonne Thornton
Secretary Mary Payne
Treasurer Mary Payne
Captains Geoff Baines/Mary Payne
Address PO Box 72, Morawa WA 6623
Phone 9971 6048 (Secretary)
Fax 9971 6028 (Secretary)

Morawa Bowling Club

Men’s and ladies bowling competition.

Morawa Bowling Club
President Lindsay Chappel
Secretary Marie Manton
Treasurer Karen Chappel
Address C/- PO Box 36, Morawa WA 6623
Phone 9971 5011 (President)
Fax 9971 5023

Morawa Cricket Club

Junior and senior competition in region.

Morawa Cricket Club
President Bryce
Enquiries 0439 717 020



Morawa Football Club

Winter sports throughout the region.

Morawa Football Club
President Glenn Tapscott
Secretary Michelle Hughes
Address PO Box 92, Morawa WA 6623

Morawa Gliding Club

Come gliding or learn how to glide on Sunday afternoons.

Morawa Gliding Club
Contacts John Pulbrook, Wally Barnes, Garry Collins
Address PO Box 276, Morawa WA 6623
Phone  Wally Barnes 9972 2026
Web address 

Morawa Golf Club – Men’s and Ladies

Come and play golf on Thursdays with the ladies or on Sundays with the men. Scroungers golf is held on Saturdays. If you want you can even play Pennant Golf on Saturdays.

Morawa Golf Club – Men’s and Ladies
President Peter Thornton
Secretary Jan Croot
Treasurer Paul Andrews
Address C/- PO Box, Morawa WA 6623

Morawa Golf & Bowling Club

Had a hard day at work? Then why not drop in for a drink at the Club.

Morawa Golf & Bowling Club
Contact Club Manager
Address Club Road, Morawa
Phone 9971 1213
Fax 9971 1213

Morawa Netball Club

Senior and junior competition played within the region during winter.

Morawa Netball Club
President Zaneta Flavel
Secretary Jayme Patten
Treasurer Emma Hazelton
Address C/- PO Box 326, Morawa WA 6623

Morawa Rifle Club

Shoots are held on Sundays.

Morawa Rifle Club
Captain John Cunningham
Secretary Neil Malcolm
Treasurer Neil Malcolm
Enquiries Gary North
Phone 9971 7020

Morawa Speedway Association

Come and see the locals test their driving skills on the Speedway track.

Morawa Speedway Association
Contact Geoff Flavel
Address PO Box 133, Morawa WA 6623
Phone 0400 971 657

Morawa Swimming Club

Need to learn how to swim or just want to improve your technique. Come to the Morawa Swimming Pool and join the Morawa Swimming Club. Fun is had by all.

Morawa Community Care
President Di Ballantyne
Secretary Dee Bestry
Address PO Box, Morawa WA 6623

Morawa Tennis Club

Hit your frustrations out on the Tennis Court. We play tennis during summer on a Sunday afternoon. Pennant tennis is played on Saturdays.

Morawa Tennis Club
President Linda Collins
Secretary Scott Whitehead
Treasurer Scott Whitehead
Address PO Box 101, Morawa WA 6623

Women’s Hockey Club

Senior, Junior and Minkey competition played within the region during winter.

Women’s Hockey Club
President TBA
Secretary Anne-Marie Morris
Treasurer Terri Tomlinson

There are no upcoming events at this time.