Identified Opportunities

Stockfeed Manufacturing

Potential exists to utilise seconds grain collected during harvest in a stockfeed manufacturing plant.

Chilled Lamb

After approaches by foreign importers, it has been established that there is a large, untapped market for chilled lamb cuts to be exported in value-added packaging.


Due to its tolerance of both salinity and hot dry weather, lavender has been identified as a potential alternative crop for the Morawa district. Potential by-products of lavender include, oil, dried flowers and craft supplies.


Originating from the deserts of North America, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) is a perennial shrub that produces seeds containing unique oil that have a wide range of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial uses. Jojoba grows well in hot dry areas which can supply up to 550mm of water (rainfall and/or irrigation). Due to the growing world demand and current undersupply of jojoba oil, this is another crop that has been identified as a potential alternative crop in Morawa.


This tree is well suited to the Mediterranean climate found around Morawa, needing cold winters followed by long hot summers for maximum fruit set. Although the pistachio market in Australia is small compared to the world market, with returns after processing and packaging of around $4,750-4,900/t and trees producing up to 32kg each at maturity, the market provides sound investment opportunities.


As a Shire of approximately 1,000 people, the services of another qualified electrician are greatly sought after, with demand far greater than the current electrician can supply. Morawa’s Incentives for Investment Scheme has several enticements available for eligible businesses starting in the Shire.


A vacancy exists for a registered builder to establish themselves in Morawa under Morawa’s Incentives for Investment Scheme.

If you are interested in establishing any of these businesses or furthering any other ideas please do not hesitate to contact the Chief Executive Officer on 9971 1204 or

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