Incentive Program

Shire of Morawa - An Economic Profile

1. Local Government

Local Government contacts
President and Deputy
Shire President Councillor K J Chappel
Deputy Shire President Councillor D Carslake
Council Officers
Chief Executive Officer Chris Linnell
Deputy Chief Executive Officer  
Principal Works Supervisor Paul Buist
Executive Manager Corporate & Community Services Fred Gledhill

Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm
Phone: 08 9971 1204
Fax: 08 9971 1284

Council meets on the third Thursday of each month.

Agenda closes at 4.00pm on the second Monday of each month.

2. Incentives for Investment

The Morawa incentives for Investment Program is a key element of the Morawa Shire Council’s approach to encouraging business investment and economic development for the district through assisting:

  • Local business looking to expand into new areas
  • Businesses relocating into the district
  • New enterprises to establish in the district

The objectives of the Morawa Incentives for Investment program are:

  • To increase the size of the local population (market)
  • To assist development of sustainable enterprises and industries
  • To increase employment and investment in the Morawa district
  • To assist the growth of value adding businesses in the region.

2.1 Criteria

All initial discussions will be treated as commercial-in-confidence.

Projects will be considered on their merits; they will be assessed using the following criteria and the incentive program will not be made retrospective.

3. Core Criteria

Employment Created
The number and type of employment created and the likely sustainability of this employment.
Note: Both direct and indirect employment will be considered.

Revenue Generation for the District
The amount of revenue the investment brings to the district in dollar terms. This includes the cost of the construction and input/output figures.

Multiplier Effect to Other Existing Sectors
The downstream positives an investment creates for existing sectors in the district and the economic and employment factor levels.

Value Adding to Other Sectors
The ability for the investment to value-add to products created in the district, thus strengthening the economic fabric of Morawa, leading to sustainability.

Export Potential / Import Replacement
The export or import replacement created by an investment.
Note: This will be considered at the two levels – international export/import replacement and regional export/import replacement.

Environmental Issues
Compatability with the local environment and any positive or negative impacts of an investment. This includes compatibility with Council and associated planning instruments.

Social Issues
The impact on the social environment and any positive or negative results of a proposal. Investments, which enhance the social character of the township, will be considered desirable.

Likely Revenue Flow to Council / Infrastructure Enhancement
Additional revenues (via rates, etc) an investment brings to Morawa. This will assist Councils cash flow and results in better facilities and services for the town’s residents and businesses.
To be eligible, firms must provide evidence of business planning, documenting anticipated investment and employment levels over 3 years and demonstrate the long-term sustainability of the proposed business.

All business sectors are eligible under this policy and the level of incentive will be directly related to the relationship with assessment criteria.

4. Assessment

The Chief Executive Officer, with the assistance of the local Shire Council, will make assessments on a case-by-case basis. This group may need to interview the applicant business representative in order to clarify or enhance information provided. Financial resources of an applicant firm and the background of their location, establishment or expansion will also be taken into account.

The final approval for any assistance will remain with the Morawa Shire Council.

5. Types of Assistance

The Morawa Incentives for Investments program provides a range of incentives, primarily focused at local authority fees and charges associated with investment. The primary aim is to minimize any initial cost impediments firms face when established or expanding their operation.

The types of incentives offered are in the following areas:

Investment Facilitation
The Morawa CEO can undertake to facilitate all applications with the firm, minimizing any potential delays associated with such applications.

Contributions required by Council, for such items as road maintenance and supporting infrastructure development associated with new industrial buildings may be deferred or reimbursed.

Contributions required for utilities infrastructure (ie. Headwork’s – electricity, water, sewerage), maintenance and development associated with new industrial buildings may be deferred or reimbursed.

Application Fees
Business application fees (eg. Building, etc) incurred by an investor in relation to a project may be discounted.

Council rates: Contributions for council rates, associated with the proposed site for the investment, may be deferred or progressive payments implemented.

Site Works
Depending on the type of facility, the Council may provide assistance in carrying out earthworks on industrial land. There is also a provision to assist with earthworks for new housing developments.

Environmental and Health
Depending on the type of facility, the Council may provide assistance in this area to facilitate the establishment of a new project.

Possible financial assistance may be available to actually build industrial/commercial premises, ie. low interest loans or self-supporting loans.

Other types of incentives offered are in the following areas:

  • Access to inexpensive industrial and commercial land
  • Access to inexpensive residential land.

6. Application Procedure

Applications under the Morawa Incentives for Investment program will only be accepted after a site visit or an appointment with the Chief Executive Officer.

Firms, applying under this program should outline their proposal and case for assistance, specifying the areas/incentives of most significance to the project. A covering letter on company letterhead should be attached to the application.

Supporting documentation such as business plan, cash flow projections,e stimates of project costs, finance sources and demonstration of past business success should eb provided on request by the Shire.

Applications are to be lodged with Morawa Shire Council in Prater Street, Morawa, WA, 6623.

For assistance in preparing an application, contact the Morawa CEO on (08) 9971 1204 or email

7. Performance Monitoring

Information provided by businesses applying under the Morawa Incentives program will be used to determine conditions associated with offering an incentive. This will include commencement dates, employment targets and extent of works.

Incentives offered will need the applicants formal acceptance of the set conditions and any non-conformance could result in removal/withdrawal of assistance.

Upon acceptance of an offer, the firm agrees to allow the CEO a delegate of the Council to undertake ongoing monitoring of the impact such incentives provide.

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