Morawa Community Trust - Content Under Review

Calling for Funding Submissions

Under an agreement with Midwest Corporation Limited, a Public Benefit Agreement has been established to support the Morawa community. To be known as the Morawa Community Trust (MCT), the quarterly allocation of funds will assist groups that are able to demonstrate that their activities benefit the Morawa community.

This Fund is administered by the Shire of Morawa under the direction of a Committee consisting of the Shire President, two members of the Morawa community appointed by the Council, and a representative of Midwest Corporation Limited. The current community members of the Morawa Community Trust Committee are Ms Marie Marks and Mrs Bronwyn Thornton. If you have any queries regarding the fund please feel free to contact either of these committee members.

Since 2006, the Morawa Community Trust has proven to be a very successful program that has so far delivered in excess of $300,000 in funding to 29 different community projects during the past 4 years. These projects include:

Morawa Community Trust funding recipients
RecipientValue of Grant
Morawa Speedway - Sponsorship $2,500
Morawa Telecentre - Toy Library $5,000
Morawa Shire Council - Community Bus $45,000
Morawa Farm Improvement Group - Executive Officer $12,000
Morawa Education Alliance – Corporate Branding $3,000
Morawa Visitor’s Centre – Tourism Signage $1,145
Morawa Netball Club – Resurface Netball Courts $13,000
Morawa District High School – Hydroponic Shed $1,116
Morawa Gliding Club – Clubrooms $4,700
Morawa Football Club – Oval Lighting $5,500
Morawa Bowling Club – Artificial Green $40,000
Morawa & Perenjori Medical Centre – Emergency Equipment $4,392
Morawa Masonic Lodge – Landscaping Project $3,300
Morawa Telecentre – Building Landscaping & Furnishing  $2,000
Morawa Speedway – New Ablution Block $12,318
Morawa Pistol Club – Purchase New Equipment $1,860
Morawa Anglican Church – Relocation Morawa Op Shop $15,000
Morawa District High School – Purchase Music Instruments $3,000
Morawa Golf & Bowling Club – Club Kitchen Equipment  $8,000
Combined Morawa Churches – Candles by Candlelight  $1,303
Morawa Hockey Club – Upgrade Hockey Oval Lights  $6,715
Morawa Education Alliance – Mid West Training Plan  $10,000
St John Ambulance Association Morawa – Fixtures & Fittings  $15,103
Morawa Golf Club – Golf Event Sponsorship  $500
Morawa District High School – Football Tipping Sponsorship  $500
Shire of Morawa – Morawa Business Units  $50,000
Shire of Morawa – SBS Digital Television Installation  $7,581
Morawa Tennis Club – Resurface Tennis Courts  $24,000
Morawa District High School – Purchase 2 Smart Boards  $10,000

The Trust Committee continues to be ably represented by the following delegates:

Morawa Community Trust delegates
Mrs Karen Chappel Morawa Shire President
Ms Rowena Roberts Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited
Mrs Marie Marks Community Representative
Mrs Bronwyn Thornton Community Representative

The Morawa Community Trust now invites applications from interested community groups and organisations to access further trust funds as provided by Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited. A further $111,000 is now available for distribution.

A copy of the Morawa Community Trust Application Form is available for download here.

A copy of the Morawa Community Trust Guidelines is available for download here.

To be considered for funding , applications are asked to be submitted by no later than COB Friday, 2nd March 2012.”.

If any community group or sporting body requires assistance or is uncertain in completing the necessary Morawa Community Trust Application Form, please make contact with the undersigned.

The Morawa Community Trust looks forward to receiving your application.

Chief Executive Officer