Townscape Committee

The Townscape Committee is chaired by Cr Gary North and meets twice a year. At such meetings the implementation of the Townscape Concept Plan is reviewed and built upon. This committee also generates ideas and recommendations for submission to the Shire of Morawa relating to improving the appearance of the town.

All residents, ratepayers and visitors are welcome to attend and participate in such meetings.

Townscape Committee
Chairperson Cr Gary North 08 9971 7020
Shire Representative Mr Gavin Treasure 08 9971 1204
Regular Attendees Mr John Pulbrook
Laurie North
Marie Marks
Lyn Rogers
Peter Milloy
Flo Milloy
Debra Broad
Margaret Broad
Nell Johnson
Bob Plumb
Silvana From
Milton Milloy
Linda Jenkins
Yvonne Thornton
Trevor Bateman
Lorraine Madden
Bonney Jenkins
08 9971 1137
Shire Representatives Paul Buist
Rolly Reynolds

For further information please contact the CEO - Gavin Treasure,

There are no upcoming events at this time.