Strategic Community Plan

2018-2028 Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan was completed in 2018 and the plan captured the community's visions and aspirations for the future and outlines how elected representatives and local government employees will, over the next decade, work towards a brighter future for the Morawa community.  Our Strategic Community Plan outlines our long term vision, values, aspirations and objectives, based on the input provided by you, our community. 

View Morawa Strategic Community Plan in Review: 2018 - 2022

Strategic Community Plan Draft Consultation

Please complete the Community Consultation Survey below to provide input into the 2022 "Draft Plan on Page" update as per the image below for the updated Morawa Strategic Community Plan. 

2022 Draft Plan on a Page

Draft Plan on a Page

Plan on a Page Consultation Survey

Please answer the following questions, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 10 being Strongly Agree.

1. The revised “Vision” reflects where I would like Morawa to be in 10 years’ time;
2. The Aspirations and Focus Areas covers off on most of the areas I think are important for Morawa to address over the next 10 years;
3. The whole community is responsible for ensuring the Vision for Morawa is achieved;
4. The Shire has an important role to play in addressing items in the identified focus areas;
5. Community members, community groups, businesses, government organisations, and strategic partners are as important as the Shire in driving the Strategic Community Plan forward;
6. Visitors are important to Morawa;
7. It would be great to see more businesses in Morawa;
8. Morawa’s existing businesses should try and work together and support each other;
9. The community needs to take more pride in what Morawa has;
10. We want to live in or visit a nice looking townsite;
11. I care about my neighbour;
12. I feel like my community cares about what I think or feel;
13. It would be great to see Cultural Diversity welcomed and celebrated in Morawa;
14. I would utilise recycling at home or at a transfer station if it was readily available;