Fire Burning & Harvest Bans

Fire Burning Periods

The following fire burning periods must be observed in the Shire of Morawa. Appending information regarding camping or cooking fires, burning of garden refuse and rubbish must be adhered to and is enforced by the appropriate Fire Control Officers.

Restricted & Prohibited Burning Times

Prohibited Burning Period from 15/10 to 31/1

No fires are allowed during this period except for special circumstances (i.e. dwelling house protection, clover burr harvest, crop protection, noxious weeds, etc). A permit must be obtained from a Fire Control Officer for this purpose and all conditions of that permit met.

Restricted from 1/2 until 15/3

During this period fires can only be lit when a permit has been obtained from a Bush Fire Control Office, and the conditions of the permit are met.

Extension of Restricted Burning Period

As of the 17th March 2010, the Restricted Burning Time for the Shire of Morawa has been extended from the 15th March 2010 to 31st March 2010 (both dates inclusive). Permits to burn are required within this period.

Extension of Restricted Burning Period 2010

Camping or Cooking Fires (excluding gas BBQs)

Shall not be lit on any day during prohibited burning period except in an area set aside by Council for that purpose. On occasions an area of 5 metres wide surrounding the fire must be completely free of all bush and inflammable material.

The fire must not be left unattended at anytime and must be fully extinguished before the user leaves it.

Burning of Garden Refuse and Rubbish

Except during periods of “very high” or “extreme” fire danger, the burning of garden refuse on the ground may be burnt during prohibited and restricted burning periods only between the hours of 6pm and 11pm and the fire must be completely extinguished by midnight. An area of 5 metres must be cleared around the site of the fire and a person must remain in attendance at all times. A permit should be obtained from a Bush Fire Control Officer and all conditions met therein.

Bushfire Control Officers

Bushfire Control Officers
Chief Fire Control Officer Rob Kowald
Home Ph: 9972 2065
Mob: 0429 722 065
Deputy Chief Fire Control Officer Glenn Tapscott
Home Ph: 9971 4018
Mob: 0427 715 048

Darren Yewers
Home Ph: 9971 6013
Mob: 0427 981 364

Morawa Town Fire Control Officer Colin Malcolm
West Morawa Fire Control Officer Tim Broad
West Pintharuka Fire Control Officer Bevan Broad
East Pintharuka Fire Control Officer Gary North
West Canna / Gutha Fire Control Officer Wayne Oliver
East Canna / Gutha Fire Control Officer Jerome Short
Community Emergency Service Manager Mob: 0417 697 896

Harvest Bans

The only recurrent restricted harvesting day is Christmas Day. Authority to impose harvest bans due to seasonal conditions shall remain with the Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the Chief Fire Control Officer, or in his absence the Deputy Chief Fire Control Officer. If both officers are absent, the Chief Executive Officer in consultation with Fire Control Officers can issue a harvest ban.