The Shire of Morawa's Performance Dashboard 

The Shire of Morawa is committed to being accountable to its strategic objectives. To assist us in achieving this the Shire has recently partnered with strategy experts PMH Insights and have invested in a Strategic Planning and Management Software package called Envisio. This software package allows us to track our progress against our 10-Year Strategic Community Plan (SCP) key objectives.

WA's Integrated Planning and Reporting Process

Like all local governments in Western Australia, the Shire of Morawa is required to plan for the future our district as outlined in the Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements under Section 5.56 (1) of the Local Government Act 1995. This framework seeks to ensure that Council's decisions take into account community aspirations and delivers the best results with existing resources. 

The SCP is the foundation document that outlines the community’s vision and priorities for the next 10-Year period. Implementation of the SCP is outlined in the 4-Year Corporate Business Plan (CBP) which is structured into 4 yearly operational programs. While the informing Strategies i.e., the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plans and Workforce Plan seek to illustrate how the CBP will be managed and resourced. Finally, the Annual Budget is the document that sets out the financials to achieve t years objectives under the CBP. Each year, ,adjustments are made to the CBP as a part of the Annual Budget Process that funds our annual projects and programs. Please refer to diagram one below.

Diagram 1: Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

More information about Western Australia’s Integrated Planning and Reporting processes can be found on the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Integrated Planning and Reporting Website Page. 

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How Are We Tracking?

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