Event Management

All public events held in the Shire of Morawa should have the approval of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This is to ensure that the events are conducted in accordance with event guidelines and that all efforts are made to make the event safe for patrons. The approval addresses a range of issues that includes

  • Ensuring that all food vendors at the event are properly registered, or are set up to handle food correctly.
  • Ensures that enough facilities (i.e. toilets) are provided.
  • That drinking water is available where applicable.
  • Ensuring that  the emergency management arrangements have been well planned and will be properly executed.

If your event is to be held at one of the Shire Facilities then you will also need to complete a Facility Hire Request Form which can be found in our Forms section. 

Event Application Form

Facility Hire Form