Online Form - Art and Cultural Centre – Feasibility Project Community Survey

The Shire of Morawa should invest in establishing an Arts Space

The Old Shire Chambers is a good location for an Arts Space in Morawa:

I would like to see the Arts Space feature:

Do you think the display of Indigenous and Multicultural cultural items would attract visitors?

Do you know of any cultural items that may be in the District that could benefit from a display area like this?
If established, I would attend:

Should the Arts Space:

What days of the week should the Arts Space be open?

Should the Shire of Morawa explore collaborative opportunities with external parties/organisations to Manage and Staff the Arts Space?

Do any Local groups or organisations have a desire to manage and operate an Arts Space? Would any local groups be active users or supporters of the Arts Space?

If the Shire or Morawa allocates funds from its annual budget to support the running of the Arts Space would you support this decision?

Would you consider supporting this initiative by: