Published: Friday, 6 September 2019 at 8:45:23 AM


As a  landholder or community member in the Shires of Koorda, Dalwallinu, Perenjori and Morawa the CWBA wish to inform you that they are intending to lay 1080 poison baits across a large area of land in the region (primarily on inaccessible areas of Government saltlakes and/or Unallocated Crown Land, but also some private properties) for the control of Wild Dogs.

The CWBA will again work together with the Eastern Wheatbelt Biosecurity Group to implement a coordinated surveillance and aerial baiting program to lay more than 5000 dried meat baits in these targeted areas across the CWBA region in late September or early October 2019 (dependent on weather but likely between the 23rd September - 14th October 2019).

This activity will be conducted over a two day period. Please see the map below for an idea of the likely flight path and baiting area based on the aerial baiting program implemented in 2018 (blue line is CWBA area and red line is the Eastern Wheatbelt area).

Please be advised that 1080 is highly toxic. The consumption of an animal that has ingested a lethal or sub-lethal dose of 1080 poses a risk of secondary poisoning to humans and other species. Taking of carcasses, removal of hides and shooting or trapping animals (for human or animal consumption) is prohibited during the baiting period and for at least 14 days from the completion of the baiting program. 

Signs are erected at the main entry points to these properties. Please ensure children and other persons in your care are restricted from entering the site of baiting. Please restrain your pets, working dogs and stock to avoid the possibility of poisoning through direct baiting or through eating 1080 poisoned animals. 

This activity will compliment the September CWBA Community Bait Rack days where by  dried meat baits will be made and are available for CWBA LPMTs and are free to landholders with a current Restricted Chemical Permit to use on their own properties.

For more information about baiting activities and Restricted Chemical Permits contact the CWBA Executive Officer, Linda Vernon on 0473 163 050 or email

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