Road Safety Message from the Shire President

Published on Tuesday, 7 December 2021 at 9:30:00 AM

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“We are all aware that this year’s harvest is really very good, in many instances yielding more than we could have hoped for. The CBH bins are filling up fast including the extra storage points at Morawa . In light of this there is a knock on effect . Extra grain means extra trucks are needed to transport the grain to the receival point, this increased haulage task has placed an increased burden on the Shire road network.

The harsh reality is that the Shire has the same amount of roads and people that it has had the last few years but the roads are transporting twice as much, so inevitably they are deteriorating at a faster than usual rate. At this stage of the harvest period the Shire is working to keep as many roads driveable as possible but we need your assistance. Our roads team are under a great deal of pressure and are endeavouring to do their best but can only do so much.


Road safety is a priority for the Shire as I can imagine it is for each one of us, so in the interests of keeping everyone safe the Shire is asking all community members to be mindful of the conditions and reduce travelling speeds where possible. The faster vehicles , in particular heavy vehicles, are travelling the more damage they are causing and the higher the risk of a serious accident occurring as the road condition deteriorates. A 10kmh reduction in speed won’t make a massive difference in travel times but it will make a big difference to the impact on the road.

Please let’s take our time, look after our assets, and ensure we all get home safe every day.”


 Cr Karen Chappel


07 December 2021

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