Swimming Pool Update

Published: Friday, 26 October 2018 at 2:22:20 PM

Dear Community,


The pool has had one of the ‘riser valves’ pop out of its fitting, which in turn has caused tiles to lift. This damage is significant enough to require an immediate solution. Repairs to the swimming pool are due to commence this coming Monday, 29 October


The works required include removal of the old pipes and valves with new sub mains pipe and riser valves and reinstatement of tiles in the dive pool bowl, with curing the work should be completed within 18 days.


The filling of the pool should take a further 10 days.  This will be followed by up to 5 days for water testing, after which the pool should be open.


Pending no other issues arising during the repairs and filling of the pool the estimated re-opening of the Morawa Swimming Pool will be early December.



Chris Linnell




NB: The commencement date of 29 November as set out in the Shire Snippets is incorrect and should read 29 October.

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