Under the Local Government Act the bins are your responsibility. If damage occurs, even if it was damaged by a third party you will be charged for the replacement/repairs. There is no charge for normal wear and tear costs.

It is your responsibility to ensure your bins are contained within your property when not out for collection. Council recommends bins to be placed on the road verge prior to 6.00am on collection day and brought in on the evening on the same day.

Household rubbish is collected early on Monday mornings. Commercial rubbish is collected early on Monday and Thursday morning.

All bins should be placed approximately half a metre from the kerb, with the lid opening to face the road.

Items not to be placed in the mobile rubbish bin include building materials, large garden cuttings, oils, acids or other liquids.

Replacement or additional mobile rubbish bins are available to be purchased from the Shire Office.

Please refer to Schedule of Fees and Charges for current fees   

Rubbish Collection Days

  • Monday - Household Rubbish; Commercial Rubbish
  • Thursday – Commercial Rubbish