Town Hall - Kitchen Project

The Morawa Town Hall is an important of our community and over the years has hosted some significant community events.  Unfortunately our Town Hall Kitchen is getting a bit tired and is in real need of updating. As such, the Shire of Morawa has drawn on the 2015 Kitchen plans developed by Eastman Poletti and Sherwood  in consultation with the community as the foundation for the new kitchen refurbishment project. We would like to thank the Federal Government for their grant funding contribution of $20,000. We would also like to thank CBH for their support through their grant funding of $8,000.

To assist in keeping you up to date on this project as it progresses through its transformation we will be posting regular updates. So please keep en eye on this page as well as on our Facebook  here on our Website as well as on our Facebook page. 

Update # 4 - Monday 21 January 2019 

Update # 3 - Tuesday 11 December 2018 

Update # 2 - Thursday 29 November 2018 

Update # 1 - Wednesday 21 November 2018 

Kitchen Project Progress Images