Council Registers

Authorisation Register

The Council approved Authorisations Register authorises the appropriate staff to undertake the functions to be performed under each Act.

View the Authorisation Register here:  Authorisation Register

Common Seal Register

The Common Seal is to be affixed only to documents required by Legislation to be executed using the Common Seal and cannot be affixed to a document except as authorised by the Council.

 View the Common Seal Register here: Common Seal Register

Complaints Register

5.121. Register of certain complaints of minor breaches

The complaints officer for each local government is required to maintain a register of complaints which records all complaints that result in a finding under section 5.110(2)(a) that a minor breach has occurred.

 View the Complaints Register here: Complaints Register

Declaration of Interest Register

This register contains disclosures of interest by Elected Members and Officers in accordance with the s.560 of Local Government Act 1995. These disclosures are made at the relevant meeting of the Council, please refer to the Minutes of the relevant meeting for more details.

 View the Declaration of Interest Register here: Declaration of Interests Register

Delegations Register

The Local Government Act 1995 provides the power to delegate certain local government functions to the Chief Executive Officer. Furthermore the Act allows for the Chief Executive Officer to sub delegate to another employee (Section 5.44 (1)). This must be done in writing (Section 5.44 (2)). The Act allows for the Chief Executive Officer to place conditions on any Delegations, if desired (Section 5.44 (4)).

 View the Delegation Register here: Delegations Register