School Holiday Program

The Shire of Morawa is committed to reigniting the Youth Program in 2019 with a range of activities and events that emphasise  engaging with youth in Morawa. At the core of our Youth Program is the Morawa Youth Centre, which reopens in 2019 for regular opening hours. The Shire of Morawa's Youth Program includes dedicated school holiday programs which offers various activities for our Youth. 

The primary goal of our Youth Program strategy is to provide safe spaces for our youth to be themselves, be accepted, and to have fun. The  Program will also allow the wider community to be engaged in youth- based projects as volunteers and as facilitators of events and activities. The goal for 2019 is to increase access to, and the opening hours of, the Morawa Youth Centre. To help us to achieve this we are  looking for interested volunteers to create a dedicated team of helpers.

The Shire of Morawa's School Holiday Programs include free activities such as craft, sports, visits to the pool, movies and plenty of other activities. As part and parcel of our Youth Program, the aim of the School Holiday Program is to keep our youth off the streets; reduce school holiday boredom; and allow young people to engage in activities that they otherwise might not be able to afford. These activities can help ease the burden that school holidays can have on local families. It also provides other community members, through volunteering and coordinating programs, the opportunity to engage with local young people while acting as a positive role models.

2019 School Holiday Dates

Summer Holidays:     Tuesday 15th January – Sunday 3rd February

Autumn Holidays:      Saturday 13th April – Sunday 28th April

Winter Holidays:         Saturday 6th July – Sunday 21st July

Spring Holidays:          Saturday 28th September – Sunday 13th October

Do you have an activity that can be included in future Youth Centre School Holiday Programs?

The Shire would like to invite different groups, clubs, and community-based organisations to collaborate on as many activities as possible during the school holidays. This will ensure that the Youth of Morawa have a wide variety of engaging activities to participate in.

If you have any plans, or an idea, for a school holiday activity in Morawa and you would like to include it in the next school holiday program? Then please contact our Community Development Officer, Renee King, on 9971 1204 or We would be very happy to also promote your free activities!

Download the January 2019 School Holiday Program Schedule here 

January 2019 Cinema Excursion Consent Form

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