Bilya Rock

Bilya Rock is a Government Reserve, comprising 18 hectares. The area is situated 5km west of Gutha turnoff, on the main Morawa-Mullewa Highway, and approx 20km north of Morawa.

A large granite outcrop, with surrounding bushland, it makes an enjoyable place for a bushwalk, or picnic, in the winter and spring. The origin of the name is not known, possibly aboriginal, as are many district names.

A large cairn is standing on Bilya Rock. The cairn is reputed to have been placed there by John Forrest, as a trigonometrical survey point, in the 1870’s. John Forrest was appointed as a Government surveyor for the Victoria District in 1871. His name, and a date were carved in a york gum pole atop of the cairn, and many residents of the Gutha district still remember seeing this pole before the white ants demolished it after the 1940’s.








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