Morawa Shire Council Meetings

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About Council

The Morawa Shire Council is a professional, viable, and an “in touch” local government that provides both leadership and direction. The council consists of seven members. Councillors are elected by the constituents and are to serve a minimum three (3) year term. At the end of this term the Councillor’s position will be open for re-election.

Being a Shire Councillor is a rewarding yet sometimes challenging opportunity. It offers the opportunity to be involved with Shire matters first hand. It also provides opportunities to learn about your local Shire, and other local Shires within the State. Most importantly in this role you can  actively work towards ensuring a successful future for our community. We encourage you to contact your local Shire Councillors with any queries, issues or suggestions that you would like addressed at Council.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas will be made available to the public, in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled Council Meeting.

Confirmed minutes of the previous months Council Meeting will be made available to the public within ten (10) working days of the Council Meeting.

Unconfirmed minutes of Council Meetings will be made available to the the public within ten (10) working days of the Council Meeting.

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Attending Council Meetings

The Shire of Morawa's Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.  

Regular attendees at the Shire of Morawa's Council Meetings are:

  • Shire Councillors
    • Shire President
    • Deputy Shire President
    • Council Members
  • Shire Staff
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Executive Managers
    • Administration Staff

All Council Meetings are open to the public, but from time to time Council will be required to deal with personal, legal, and other sensitive matters. On these occasions the Council may be required to close that part of the meeting to the public.

Meeting Place and Time

The Shire of Morawa's Council Meetings are typically held at 5.30 pm on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month with the exception of January when no official meetings are held. There may  be times when the Council Meeting dates and times may need to change. In these instances a public notice will be displayed on the Shire of Morawa's Noticeboard outside the Shire office on Winfield Street and on the Shire's Website.  

Council meetings will be held at the Shire of Morawa Council Chambers at 26 Winfield Street, Morawa, or as otherwise advertised.

Public Questions

Public Question Time is held at the beginning of the Shire of Morawa's Council Meetings.

Community members and interested parties are invited to submit their questions in writing. Questions must be received at least 30 hours prior to the scheduled meeting to ensure adequate time for research and to facilitate the provision of an appropriate response. 

Questions need to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and can be submitted in one (1) of three (3) ways: 

  1. Via email to
  2. By post to PO Box 14, Morawa, WA, 6623
  3. Or in person to the Shire of Morawa's Administration at 26 Winfield Street, Morawa, WA, 6623

The attached form can be used:

Public Question Time Protocol

Public Question Time is the responsibility of the Chairperson and they will ensure that all individuals wishing to ask a question are given equal and fair opportunity to do so. It is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1995 that at least a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes be allowed for Public Question Time. In situations where a number of questions are tabled the allocated time of fifteen (15) minutes can be extended at the discretion of the Chairperson. 

It is important for individuals to note that Questions must not be a statement of personal opinion. Rather Questions must relate to the business of Council. Individuals must not interrupt, or enter into any conversations during the meeting unless requested to by the Chairperson.  

Mobile Telephones

All mobile telephones must be switched off prior to entering the Shire of Morawa's Council Chambers.

In accordance with Section 6.16 of the Shire of Morawa Meeting Procedures Local Law 2012, nobody shall use any visual or vocal recording device or instrument to record the proceedings of Council without the written permission of the presiding member