Environmental Health Services

Environmental health is a vital branch of public health concerned with aspects of both the natural and built environment that could potentially affect human health. Our Environmental Health Officer (EHO) carries out the following activities to make sure the environment we live in is safe and enjoyable.

If you have any concerns pertaining to the following issues, please contact the Shire Office.


The Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is responsible for the management of asbestos in the Shire. Regulations cover the removal and disposal of asbestos containing material (ACM). The EHO also deals with broken or dilapidated structures and buildings which contain, or are clad with asbestos sheeting, or other ACMs.

Event Management

All public events held in the Shire of Morawa should have the approval of the Environmental Health Officer and the Chief Executive Officer. This is to ensure that the events are conducted in accordance with event guidelines and that all efforts are made to make the event safe for patrons. The approval addresses a range of issues that includes

  • Ensuring that all food vendors at the event are properly registered, or are set up to handle food correctly.
  • Ensures that enough facilities (i.e. toilets) are provided.
  • That drinking water is available where applicable.
  • Ensuring that  the emergency management arrangements have been well planned and will be properly executed.

If your event is to be held at one of the Shire Facilities then you will also need to complete a Facility Hire Request Form which can be found in our Forms section. 

Food Premises Inspections

Regular inspections are conducted on all food outlets, food shops, and commercial kitchens in the Shire of Morawa to make sure that they are being managed in accordance with the Food Act. This includes checking that food is being prepared properly in a premises which is registered, and which is fit for purpose, and that anyone handling food is adequately trained.

Food Stalls and Vans

As for Food Premises, the Environmental Health Officer is also responsible for ensuring that food stalls and vans or vehicles are properly registered or have the required approvals. To apply for a temporary trading licence, please contact the Shire Office.

Pest Control

Mosquitoes, mice, rats and other insect or animal pests can transmit or carry infectious diseases. The Shire’s Environmental Health Officer (EHO) has a responsibility to monitor and address any outbreaks or increases in the numbers of these pests. They also implement programs for their control.

Untidy Blocks

Properties with a build-up of disused materials such as containers and tyres or old building materials can provide refuge for rats and mice or can become breeding sites for mosquitoes. Council has implemented a program aimed at tidying up the residential and commercial properties in the townsite and the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) conducts the inspections and advises the residents of their obligations. The EHO also prepares notices where additional action is needed.


All residences and businesses are required to be connected to a suitable sewage or wastewater system. Generally within the Morawa townsite, all premises have a sewerage connection, however outside the sewered area, septic systems are installed to manage sewage and greywater. The Environmental Health Officer is responsible for approving applications for new systems and also for requiring old and failing systems to be repaired or upgraded.