Morawa is known as the Heart of the Wildflowers for a very good reason. Morawa is one of the most prolific areas for native flowering plants. Roam throughout our Shire, during late winter and early October, stopping at any of our numerous reserves and you could come across many species of wildflowers unique to this district.

Carpets of everlastings are a feature and attraction however the area is known world wide for the unique and distinctive Wreath Flower (Leschenaultia macrantha).

Among the multitude of species that grow in the Shire of Morawa are bright orange wild pomegranate, bright pink native foxgloves, many species of orchids, grevillea, acacia, purple darwinia and dampiera, thriptomene, smokebush, woody pear, cassias, eremophila, blue cornflower and yellow bells.

For up to date details on where to see the best blooms please contact the Morawa Tourist Information Centre on (08) 9971 1421 or Canna Landmark on (08) 9972 2022. The Morawa Tourist Information Centre can also help you with accommodation enquiries and bookings.

For a comprehensive and colourful guide to viewing wildflowers in Western Australia’s Mid West region, click on the following link www.wildflowercountry.com.au.

Our locally produced Morawa Wildflower Handbook is a colourful guide which will help you to identify the wildflowers found specifically around the Morawa area.

Please visit our image gallery to see great wildflower photos.

During the Wildflower Season the Morawa Visitor Centre sometimes runs a tour. Please contact the Visitors Centre on 08 9971 1421 to find out more or pop in to see one of our knowledgeable Visitors Centre Volunteers.