Waste Management

Waste Removal Services

Household rubbish is collected early on Monday mornings. Commercial rubbish is collected early on Monday (Residential)  and Thursday (Commercial/Industrial) mornings.

Please place the mobile rubbish bin out near the kerbside by 6am on the collection day, it is suggested that residences have their bins out the night before to avoid them being missed.

All bins should be placed approximately half a metre from the kerb, with the lid opening to face the road.

Items not to be placed in the mobile rubbish bin include building materials, large garden cuttings, oils, acids or other liquids. Replacement or additional mobile rubbish bins are available to be purchased from the Shire Office.

Please refer to Schedule of Fees and Charges for current fees.

Morawa Refuse and Transfer Station

Council operates a refuse site on Jones Lake Road. The refuse site has separate disposal allocations for different waste products, ie green waste material, car bodies etc. Please follow the signage to the appropriate allocated position for your waste.

Opening days Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Opening times 8.00am -12.00pm  12.30pm - 4.00pm

Drum Muster

The Shire of Morawa co-ordinates the Morawa drum muster, for disposals of disused drums. Please take your clean drums to the Transfer Station where they will be inspected prior to acceptance.

Waste Oil Facilities

Waste oils can be disposed of at the Shire of Morawa Depot.

Please contact the Shire of Morawa Depot for further information.

Bulk Rubbish / Verge Side Collection

Bulk Rubbish / Verge Side Collections are coordinated annually to assist residents in the disposal of large items, which cannot otherwise be transported to the refuse site. Generally the Shire of Morawa conducts one Bulk Rubbish / Verge Side Collection per annum. Please refer to local advertisements for dates.