Town Planning

All land in the Shire of Morawa comes under the control of the Shire of Morawa Local Planning Scheme No.3. It is therefore necessary to obtain planning approval from the Shire if you intend using a property for a particular purpose or intend to build on a property. This applies to both urban and rural land.

It is recommended as best practice to contact the Shire’s Planning Services division in the early stages of planning for your development to ascertain how the Shire’s requirements may apply to your proposal. Shire staff are more than happy to assist with any enquiries.

Planning decisions are made by the Shire based on the Shire's Town Planning Scheme and can often involve consultation with the community, Council and relevant State Government departments. If planning approval is granted, it is usually subject to a range of conditions, which must be met before the issue of the building licence, prior to the occupation of the completed development or before commencement of use.

2023 Town Planning Scheme

Local Governments are guided by the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015

In line with these Regulations the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure approved the Shire of Morawa Local Planning Scheme No. 3 on 7 February 2023.

A copy of the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme text and maps are available for download below.

View Morawa Scheme

View Morawa Map Index

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View Map 02-Canna Townsite

View Map 03-Gutha Townsite

View Map 04-Pintharuka Townsite

View Map 05-Morawa Townsite

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Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021

The Shire wishes to advise that as at the 1 July 2023 the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 will come into effect. The new Act replaces the outdated Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

What has not changed with the new Act is the need to seek approval for activities that may harm Aboriginal cultural heritage – this already exists.

The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH) have developed guidelines to implement the Act which are designed to guide proponents in navigating Western Australia’s new framework.

Fact sheets, guidelines and educational videos can be found on the DLPH Website:

The Shire is not able to provide comprehensive advice on this new legislation, as we are not the agency tasked with enforcement or implementation.

For more advice and information DPLH can be contacted on 08 6551 8002, or

Scott Wildgoose
Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Morawa Local Planning Strategy

This Local Planning Strategy for the Shire of Morawa (hereon in referred to as the Strategy) has been prepared to set out the long-term planning directions for the Shire and to guide land use planning within the Shire over the next ten to fifteen years. This is the first time that a local planning strategy has been prepared for the Shire of Morawa.

The Local Planning Strategy comprises two documents;

Part 1, the Strategy, being this document, which provides a summary of the major characteristics and issues relevant to the future planning and development of the Shire and also establishes the vision, objectives, strategic plan and actions required to implement the Strategy; and

Part 2, which provides the relevant background and justification to the Strategy, including the State, regional and local planning context and a local profile of the community, economic, infrastructure, environmental and built form issues facing the Shire.

Local planning Strategy

View Shire of Morawa Local Planning Strategy Part 1

View Shire of Morawa Local Planning Strategy Part2

Development Approval

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