Health Services

Morawa Perenjori Health Service provides 24 hour Emergency Department care. A number of Allied Health Services are available from this facility. For more information contact the Morawa Perenjori Health Service directly.

Morawa also has a community doctor based at the Morawa Medical Centre. The doctor services both of the Morawa and Perenjori communities, with three and half days of consultations in Morawa per week and one day of consultations in Perenjori.

Chiropractor services are also available from the Morawa Medical Centre. For further details contact the Morawa Medical Centre.

Morawa Perenjori Health Service (Hospital)

Multi Purpose Service, including Clinical Services, Population & Primary Health Services, Community Care & Patient Assisted Scheme.

Contact Nurse Manager
Address 7 Caulfield Road, Morawa WA 6623
Phone 08 9971 0200
Fax 08 9971 0250

Morawa Medical Centre

General Practice (GP)

Contact Dr Christopher Bovell
Address 4 Caulfield Road, Morawa WA 6623
Phone 08 9971 1103
Fax 08 9971 1446