Local Heritage Information

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 18 August 2022, Council adopted the Shire of Morawa Heritage List and Survey for the Shire of Morawa.

Part 8 of the Heritage Act 2018 requires that a local government must prepare a survey of places in its district that in its opinion are, or may become, of cultural heritage significance.  This listing is also known as the Shire of Morawa Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places (MI) and can also be referred to as a Local Heritage Survey.

The Shire of Morawa contains a number of places of cultural heritage value which are identified within the Shire’s Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) and Heritage List.

All places contained within the MHI have been assigned a level of significance and management category. Those places identified as having the greatest significance (Category 1 and 2) are also included within the Shire of Morawa’s Heritage List.

A Heritage Place may be a building, structure, site, tree, area of land or other physical element valued for its cultural (or historic) heritage significance, together with associated contents and surrounds. The nature of the significance of a Heritage Place may be for aesthetic, historic, scientific, rarity or social significance to the local history of the area.

 The Shire of Morawa’s Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places comprises of five parts:

Part 1 – Shire of Morawa Local Heritage Survey 2022

Part 2 – Shire of Morawa Local Heritage Survey Heritage List 2022

Part 3 – Winfield Street Heritage Area 2022

Part 4 – Winfield Street Guidelines 2022

Part 5 - Shire of Morawa Local Heritage Survey 2022 Site Information

Part 6 - Shire of Morawa Local Heritage Survey 2022 Primary Report

 To confirm whether a property is listed on the Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places, or to obtain a copy of the place record, please contact the Shire Office.