Cash Reserves Management Policy

Published on Wednesday, 5 January 2022 at 3:00:00 PM

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The Shire of Morawa Council at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 16 December 2021 adopted a Cash Reserves Management Policy providing a policy position around Cash Reserve Management and to realign the purpose of some reserves to broaden their terms of reference and make them more accessible for delivering outcomes if needed.

Notice is hereby given of the adoption of Council Policy – Cash Reserves Management and the changes to reserve purposes and uses of funds such that:

  1. The name, use of funds and purpose of the Road Reserve be changed such that it now be known as the Emergency Response Reserve with the purpose that funds are to be used to fund insurance excesses and emergency response activities in relation to unbudgeted events impacting the community or Shire assets outside of Council control.
  2. Combine Aged Care Units Reserve and Aged Care Unit 5 Reserve and change the purpose of the consolidated reserve to fund capital works expenditure relating to existing or new Aged Care Units.
  3. Creation of a new reserve titled Capital Works Reserve with the purpose to reserve funds for the Shire to allocate towards expenditure on capital works, specifically the renewal or creation of Shire assets.
  4. Closure of Building Reserve, Old Hospital Reserve and Business Units Reserve with all unspent funds reallocated to the Capital Works Reserve for future capital works on these or other Shire assets.
  5. Combine the Community Development and Economic Development Reserves with a combined purpose to fund significant community or economic development projects within the Shire of Morawa.
  6. Creation of an Unspent Grants and Contributions Reserve to provide a designated area to hold the balance of unexpended grants and contributions until they can be expensed in line with funding conditions.

The copy of the Council Policy FIN10 – Cash Reserves Management Policy is available on the Morawa Shire Website (


Scott Wildgoose


05 January 2021

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