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St David's Anglican Church - Morawa Town Centre Heritage Trail

Approximately 150 tonnes of stone was carted from a local farm for the construction of this church, built in 1933 and extended in 1963. It was named for the patron Saint of Wales (Saint David) after the homeland of the districts first rector.

The first services ever held in the Morawa district were conducted by the Rev. E.W. Grosser, Rector of Mingenew from 1912-1916. These services were held in 1914 and 1915 in South Morawa, Merkanooka and Pintharuka, the rector travelling by horse and sulky. At Merkanooka, the Agar home was usually used for services. Subsequently, services were taken by rectors of Mullewa, namely Rev. H.R. Hobbs (1922-24), Rev. H.R. Longmore (1924-25) and Rev. B. Pratt (1926-29).

In December 1929, the Rev. Dalis James Davies arrived from Wales to be the first resident Rector of Morawa, services then being held in the old town hall. A rectory was built for his arrival and then an intensive effort made to raise funds for the church.

It was resolved to build the church in stone, plans were drawn up and submitted by Eales, Cohen and Bennett, approved by the Committee and tenders called. Eventually, the lowest tender of 655 pounds from Gamble and Son was accepted and plans went ahead.

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